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simple rules to aid enjoyable discourse

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simple rules to aid enjoyable discourse Empty simple rules to aid enjoyable discourse

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:42 pm

1....Dont be a DICK 
1A....I have a Ban button
2....mod and admins decisions are final and absolute
3 ... see 1
4.... you may freely argue your nuts off over political and religious topics..BUT
   NO "BLOOD LIBEL"  type posts (including the imfamous "thighing" libel ) will be permitted...
   you will find this is the quickest way to the sin bin, and on repeated offences the door.
5...YOU may not like someone elses life style ...tough   respect it.... fair and logical argument is acceptable however
6....see 1, 1A and 2
7....I'll be totally honest...this ISNT a democracy...Its a "benign dictatorship"
8.....see 1A Laughing 
9.... see 1
10....No "Ad Hominem" attacks, shred the POST not the poster
11... See 1

I made many mistakes on the old SF....I'm not about to repeat them

I refer you all to the provisions of various legislation governing the rules around "hate speech" and what is considered to be "hate speech".
In any dispute about whether something constitutes hate speech MY interpretation of the legislation and the offending post will be what matters, with due regard to the provisions of article 10 of the human rights act.

EVEN if something does NOT reach the threshold of "hate speech" there is every possibility that it is still bigoted and unfair, let alone unpleasant and unnecessary, and your USE of such terms and language may be seen as an unwarranted attack on another poster....In such a case you will be expected to apologise and withdraw the comment or face such sanction as I or any of the mods may decide to invoke...

12....Engage Brain BEFORE opening mouth/pressing "send"
13....Engage Brain BEFORE opening mouth/pressing "send"
14 see 1 and 1A

NOTHING in the above should be interpreted as preventing YOU having and communicating YOUR opinion as per the aforementioned article 10. However it DOES place constraints upon HOW and in what terms you state that opinion, Be adult

15....see 1
16 on no account will multi id's be permitted....offenders will be experimented on....

I Envisage a world where all chickens will be free to cross the road, without having their motives questioned

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