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Brilliant Investigation By The Daily Mail - Fat Cats In The Public Sector

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Brilliant Investigation By The Daily Mail - Fat Cats In The Public Sector

Post by BigAndy9 on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:01 pm

9th November 2015

And the public sector keep feeding us the line that it is bankers ripping us off!

Please discuss.

Our investigation, which continues all week, will reveal shocking examples of fat cat pay, including:

An NHS boss paid £850,000 in one year still claiming £1.40 for a bus ticket

A hospital chief facing a budget crisis and probe into death and infection rates pocketing £1.26million;

Council executives earning up to £411,000 a year while cutting services;

Thousands of town hall fat cats and police chiefs charging taxpayers for private medical treatments;

Others being able to avoid tax because they are paid off the books;

The highest paid council boss in Wales charged taxpayers £2,368 a month for his Porsche;

Haringey Council in London spent £12.6million in three years on payoffs;

One police chief landed a pay deal worth £735,000.

George Osborne said some of the practices exposed by the Mail were unacceptable and he would write to town halls setting out new rules on pay and perks.

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